Why Medium Works

A short post to say how well this Medium platform, this typing/editing format works. For me, a blogger with over 20 years under my blogging belt, this platform is the best I’ve ever used for off-the-cuff as well as curated writing. Writing in Pages or Word gives me the heebie-jeebies — neither can keep up with my typing speed. Neither gives me the wonderful tools above my highlighted words. And adding photos! What a treat. So simple, just like links, Bold, italics and more.

adding photos is as easy as pie, and everyone loves pie.

It’s a joy to use Medium. Discovering it just made my day. Happy dance from an HTML denizen, a queen of the original medium -Blogger in its initial form, I blogged before the invention of the word. When I started, it was HTML and creating an index page for every piece of writing. After publishing an online literary journal (the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature) for over 20 years, dealing with font fubars and messed up formatting, I get to type and edit and see how Medium just plain delivers. No weird spacing, no difficulty placing photos — no bad anything.

I’ve read where fiction/poetry and other creative writers (but we’re all creative if we’re writers, I’m posing this to the short story, the fiction, the poetry folks — want to band together in a sort of literary category. Yay! What can I do to help this come about? One thing I can do is to not end a sentence with a preposition (har har)

There are plenty of posts describing techniques, valuable lessons in where to place your illustrations, how to attract readers but the point here is tell you that if you’ve hesitate before jumping into the Medium pond — splash away. But beware, you’ve got some fierce competition. This is not writing for the weak of talent, amazing writers occupy this space.

Thanks, Medium. Nicely done.



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Valerie MacEwan

The Dead Mule @deadmule writer, thinker, advocate for an ethical society, publisher www.deadmule.com online for 25 years.