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The Dead Mule @deadmule writer, thinker, advocate for an ethical society, publisher online for 25 years.

Breaking up is hard to do

Creative non-fiction about turning my life around

Dinah’s Landing. Photo by author.

The past, the present, the future

Back to old style blogging about my day

it’s a gray day. photo by author.

We have to listen if we’re going to make them hear

The deaths are not real and other madness

Unable to imagine a suitable image for this essay, I opt for chickens. photo by author

True story, happened yesterday

Jane’s boots. Photo by author.

An Uncle Virgil story

Fiction: the stuff of legend

Deer Camp groundscape. Photo by author.

creative non-fiction

Living in the moment

My grandsons make me laugh. photo by author

Flash Essay

World War II and one member of my family

WWII Assemblage: work in progress by author

GiaB prompt #3: seasons — essay

Trying to get ready to go for a drive. Forget washing the car. photo by author

Valerie MacEwan

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